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Used & Refurbished DNA Sequencers

Refurbished & Certified DNA Sequencers. IET refurbishes and certifies used DNA sequencers to meet original manufacturer's (OEM) specifications. Complete refurbished DNA Sequencers including Illumina Hiseq DNA Sequencers (Hiseq 4000 & Hiseq 2500) are available. Ask about refurbished biotech lab equipment installation and leasing. Please contact us for complete refurbished and used biotech lab equipment system and warranty details. VIEW ALL REFURBISHED LAB EQUIPMENT>

Do you want to sell or trade-in your used DNA sequencer?
You can recycle your used lab equipment by selling or trading in your used biotech lab equipment to IET. IET purchases your used biotechnology laboratory equipment and then refurbishes it to offer to other clients. We also take trade-ins on your old or no longer in use analytical laboratory instruments. The trade-in value of your used biotech lab equipment can be applied directly to your purchase or you can accumulate credit for future purchases. Sell/Trade>