Services & Leasing

IET Ltd. offers new and refurbished lab equipment to laboratories to enable them to maximize their return on capital expenditures. In addition, IET can tailor a financial package that meets the customer's individual financial needs.

IET is a specialist in laboratory instrumentation, but just as importantly, expert in tailoring a financial package that meets the customer's individual financial situation. IET would be pleased to work with you in setting up rental, lease, purchase, and/or trade agreements.

In-house financing permits flexibility that makes it easy to structure a payment plan that is convenient. Because IET understands the business aspects of equipping laboratories, the paperwork and red-tape are kept to a minimum. Usually arrangements can be completed in 24 hours.

Offering one to four year leasing packages with options to buy or return at the expiration of the lease gives our clients maximum financial flexibility. For short term needs, IET provides rental agreements from as little as two weeks to as long as a year.

These options are all made possible by our in-house financing capability. We understand that today's scientists are required to be financially savvy as well as technically capable.

In addition to these options, IET also provides Rent-A-Lab. Turn to Rent-A-Lab for a creative way to finance your lab equipment needs rather than outright purchase. With Rent-A-Lab, you can have access to the laboratory equipment you need on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis at our Mundelein facility.

We will provide you with the lab equipment and the initial training so all that you have to worry about is your prepared sample and analysis. When you have finished with your project, or require different equipment, we are standing by to assist you. With Rent-A-Lab, scientists can forget about the hassles of maintaining and financing equipment and use the equipment for what it is really meant for.

For additional information about Rent-A-Lab, visit or send an email to